E-visa to Kyrgyzstan

We are Kyrgyz Guided Tours LLC is an accredited travel company whose Invitation Letter of travelers to Kyrgyzstan is recognized to issue Kyrgyz E-Visa.

The citizens of India, Pakistani, Bangladesh, and Sri-Lanka are eligible to apply Kyrgyz E-visa along with Invitation Letter from accredited travel agency of Kyrgyz Republic.

To apply Kyrgyz E-visa means that you are no longer required to pay a visit to the nearest embassy to apply for your travel document. Instead, you can apply Kyrgyz E-visa online, and Kyrgyz Guided Tours can facilitate the process for you.

  1. Kyrgyz Guided Tours can arrange
    • - Tourist E-visa for a maximum of 60 days (single, double entries)
    • - Business E-visa for a maximum of 60 days (single, double, multi entries)
    • - Work visa for a maximum of 1 year (multi entries)
    • - Family visa for a maximum of 1 year (multi entries)
    • - Exit visa for a maximum of 10 days to leave the country
    • - Registration for the foreign citizens to stay more than 30 days
  1. What are the required documents to apply?
    • - Scanned passport copy
    • - Application photo 3x4 in jpg format
    • - Contact details
  1. What are the processing times?
    • 1. Standard processing time is 7 business days
    • 2. Rush processing time is 5 business days
    • 3. Super Rush processing is 3 business days


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Trekking Tour to TULPAR Lake, 11 days/ 10 nights


Type: Trekking, climbing Tour

Season: The Summer season is open from May to September

Duration: 11 Days, 10 Nights

Difficulty: Level 4

Accommodation: Hotels, Family guesthouses, Yurt Camp.


Itinerary: Osh- Kojo Kelen- Jyptyk Camp- Sary Mogol- Tulpar Kol- Petrovsky Ridge- Lenin Peak Camp



Kyrgyzstan is a country of trekking. It’s not only climbing to the mountains, it‘s the view from the top that definitely worth to see. Every trekker knows that the proudest thing in trekking is to say “I did it” at the end. In Kyrgyzstan, we do not only say “I did it”, but we also say I did it to see this beautiful landscape that surrounded by huge mountains. So, do not miss one-time trekking life opportunity in Kyrgyzstan.



Bishkek – Osh – Osh City Tour

Arrival in Bishkek in the morning and domestic flight to Osh Airport.  Starting from the airport in Osh your whole Journey in the Southern Kyrgyzstan, you can feel the vibe of Central Asian Trade and local costumes of Kyrgyz and Uzbek people. Make sure to try local Southern Kyrgyz dishes that are consider the most delicious in Central Asia. Our Tour Guide will explain you more about cuisine and the ancient legendary city ‘s mysterious history in upcoming days.


Today you will have a recovery rest from your flights. Are you excited for tomorrow? Get a good rest to fulfill your excitement to the maximum.


Flight Duration: 40 min

Accommodation:  Chavo Hotel 4* or equal level

Meal: Dinner

Osh - Kojo Kelen, 105 km, 2 hour

Departure from the historic city of Osh, which acted as a crossing point for Silk Road caravans traveling across the Pamirs and the Ferghana Valley for millennia. Arrival at Kojo Kelen, a valley surrounded by brilliant mountains offering the chance for a lovely trip and a quick warm-up on the hillsides filled with luscious meadows and spruce forests, where elegant horses run freely. Preparation for trekking.


Accommodation: Family Yurt Camp

Meal: Full Board

Pamir Alai Trek: Kojo Kelen - Jyptyk Camp

After breakfast, we will have 4 hours of short- trekking to reach Jyptyk camp. We will go up to the valley and stay at a local family‘s yurt. You will get see the local Kyrgyz family‘s life, which is completely different from the outside stance. You will get to discover the commonalities and differences in person.


Jyptyk Camp: 2950m above the Sea Level

Positive altitude difference: 800 m

Trekking hours: 4 hours.

Accommodation. Family Yurt Camp

Meal: Full Board       

Jyptyk Pass - Sary Mogol

Climb to the Jyptyk Pass over an ancient, deserted trail that was cut during the Soviet era. There's always snow in these high settings. The ascent is not tough, but you progressively feel higher. We reach a plateau or a sizable green valley on the opposite side, and in the distance, the Great Pamir mountains with their many snow-capped peaks rising to elevations of over 6000 meters are visible. We are situated at the intersection of the Silk Road, which formerly served as a caravan route connecting China, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.


Jyptyk pass: 4150 m above the sea level.

Positive altitude difference: 1100m

Negative altitude difference: 900m

Trekking time: 7 hours


Accommodation: Family Home Stay

Meal: Full Board

Sary Mogol - Tulpar Kol Lake

After breakfast, we will transfer to Sary Mogol which extends into the heart of the Kyrgyz Pamirs. We will have a short drive to Tulpar Kol where we will cross the beautiful valley.

We find ourselves on a plateau, or a vast green valley: the Great Pamir mountains can be seen in the distance, with their numerous snow-capped peaks rising to heights of over 6000 meters. We are at the crossroads of the Silk Road, between Tajikistan, China and Kyrgyzstan, where caravans once transited between the East and the West. We head west and then ascend to the Tulpar lakes, which are situated right at the base of the Pamir mountain range. A short trek upstream from the yurt camp in the afternoon offers a stunning view of Lenin Peak and a constellation of lakes.


Tulpar lake: 3500m above the sea level

Lenin Peak: 7140m

Trekking: 1-2 hours

Drive: 30 min


Accommodation: Yurt Camp

Meal: Full board 

Petrovsky Ridge  & Tulpar Kol Lake

Climbers arrive at base camps on the Pretrovsky Ridge, where they hydrate and recover before ascending the highest mountains in the area. After that, the alpine meadows give way to a more mineral-rich, rugged, and colorful landscape that gives the sense that we are soaring above the Tulpar lakes. As we approach Lenin Peak and the neighboring summits, the glaciers melt and flow into the verdant valley below. Go back to the camp in yurts.


Positive Altitude Difference: 800m

Negative Altitude Difference: 800m

Trekking Time: 5-6 hours


Accommodation: Yurt Camp

Meal: Full Board

Tulpar-Kol Lake - Lenin Peak Camp 1

We climb the valley to Peak Lenin's base camp, where climbers from all over the world get ready for their climb. After crossing a mountain meadow that overlooks extensive glacial moraines, we ascend into little ridges situated in a mineral environment. A brief pause to take in the view of Peak Lenin's massive glacial tongues from Traveler's Pass. After a brief descent, the route swings between the glacier and the mineral-slopes of the mountains, arriving at Camp 1 of Lenin Peak, at the altitude of 4400 m


Lenin Peak camp: 4200m above the Sea level

Positive Altitude difference: 950m

Negative Hight difference: 100m

Trekking time: 6-7 hours


Accommodation: Alpine Tent Camp 1, 4200

Meal: Full Board

Ascent of Yukhin Peak, 5100 m

The highest point of the trek is Yukhin Peak, which is located on Lenin's shoulder at a height of more than 5,100 meters above sea level. There is no extra equipment needed for its climb. The initially simple trail gets steeper as one approaches the peak and appears to disappear into a mineral setting. We are getting closer to some of the Pamirs' most breathtaking peaks, which have glaciers and never-ending snow. When you reach the top, the panorama of the Alay Valley and Lenin Peak is stunning. Go back to the base camp.


Yukhin Peak: 5100 m above from the sea level

Positive altitude difference: 850m

Negative Altitude difference: 850m

Trekking time: 5-6 hours


Accommodation: Alpine Tent Camp 1, 4200m

Meal: Full board

Return to Tulpar Lake

We depart from the area inhabited by mountaineers and head back to the Tulpar yurt camp in the upper Alay valley. The trail returns to following the Achiktash river after leaving the glaciers. End of the afternoon free to explore the vast herds of yaks that graze around the Tulpar lakes.


Positive elevation: 100 m

Negative altitude difference: 900m

Trekking time: 5-6 hours


Accommodation: Yurt Camp

Meal: Full Board

Return to Osh – flight to Bishkek

We discover the Pamir Highway and the Taldyk pass during early transfer, which lead back to Osh. Arrival early in the afternoon followed by a flight across the Tian Shan mountains to Bishkek by evening domestic flight. Spend the remainder of the day exploring the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


Accommodation: Garden Hotel 4* or equal level.

Meals: Breakfast

Bishkek - Flight back to home

Transfer to the International airport “Manas”. Departure.

Price 2024

Package of 11 days / 10 nights








Kyrgyzstan: Trekking

$2 941

$1 896

$1 360

$1 154

$1 235

$1 071


City / place





Chavo hotel 4* or similar

Kojo Kelen,



Family Home Stay / Yurt Camp

Sary Mogol


Family Home Stay

Tulpar Kol Lake


Family Yurt Camp

Lenin Peak Camp 1, 4400 m


Alpine Tent Camp



Garden Hotel 4* or similar

What's included

Not included


  1. In case of early check-in on day 1, extra night for the accommodation is charged.
  1. It is recommended to have warm closes due to cool weather in mountain area.
  2. Single occupancy accommodation is available in Osh and Bishkek only.
  3. It is mandatory to medical insurance policy with coverage of 30 000 EUR issued from Alpine clubs or trusted insurance company
  4. Meals in remote place without options to go out are included in the program price as mentioned in description.
  5. Suggested program can be changed or individualized according to your interests

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