E-visa to Kyrgyzstan

We are Kyrgyz Guided Tours LLC is an accredited travel company whose Invitation Letter of travelers to Kyrgyzstan is recognized to issue Kyrgyz E-Visa.

The citizens of India, Pakistani, Bangladesh, and Sri-Lanka are eligible to apply Kyrgyz E-visa along with Invitation Letter from accredited travel agency of Kyrgyz Republic.

To apply Kyrgyz E-visa means that you are no longer required to pay a visit to the nearest embassy to apply for your travel document. Instead, you can apply Kyrgyz E-visa online, and Kyrgyz Guided Tours can facilitate the process for you.

  1. Kyrgyz Guided Tours can arrange
    • - Tourist E-visa for a maximum of 60 days (single, double entries)
    • - Business E-visa for a maximum of 60 days (single, double, multi entries)
    • - Work visa for a maximum of 1 year (multi entries)
    • - Family visa for a maximum of 1 year (multi entries)
    • - Exit visa for a maximum of 10 days to leave the country
    • - Registration for the foreign citizens to stay more than 30 days
  1. What are the required documents to apply?
    • - Scanned passport copy
    • - Application photo 3x4 in jpg format
    • - Contact details
  1. What are the processing times?
    • 1. Standard processing time is 7 business days
    • 2. Rush processing time is 5 business days
    • 3. Super Rush processing is 3 business days


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Pamir Adventure, 10 days


Duration: 9 nights / 10 days

Season: March – October 2023

Type: Adventure tour

Accommodation: Hotels, Guesthouses, Yurt camp

Itinerary: Dushanbe – Norak –Kalaikhum – Khorog – Garm Chashma – Ishkashim – Langar – Murghab – Khorog – Kalaikhum – Kulob – Dushanbe


Duration: 9 nights / 10 days 

Season: March – October 2023

Type: Adventure tour

Accommodation: Hotels, Guesthouses, Yurt camp

Itinerary: Dushanbe – Norak –Kalaikhum – Khorog – Garm Chashma – Ishkashim – Langar – Murghab – Khorog – Kalaikhum – Kulob – Dushanbe


Description: What you will experience here will take you back to another century when people lived in a very different way unlike so many you hear about, this trip is sure to be a true adventure of your lifetime. The far corners of civilization, the peculiar life, the meeting of cultures, and ancient history is something that could characterize this route. Through this region passed one of the arteries of the Great Silk Road – the route through the Pamir Mountains. Pamir is one of the highest mountain systems on our planet with up to 4’900m above sea level. You also can overview the famous Hindu Kush Mountain on the Afghan side.


What to expect when choosing this route?


  • Pristine mountain scenery.
  • Badakhshi & Wakhi hospitality, familiarize with their interesting lifestyles
  • Driving along the famous Pamir Highway
  • The total length of the route – is 1960
  • The temperature during the tour: from 0°C degrees to +30°C
  • Maximum height of 4650 m – Minimum height of 500m


Airport - Dushanbe

Arrival in Dushanbe. Transfer to the hotel. Acclimatization before the trip to Pamir.

Accommodation in the Rumi Hotel. Meals: breakfast.

Dushanbe – Norak –Kalaikhum (370 km – 8h)

Today we will drive to Kalai Khum village. You will see the Norak water reservoir that is called the Tajik Sea. The highest point of the day is the Shurabad pass (2 267 m) and after the drive along Afghanistan border starts. This part will amaze you with its unique mountains – it is already the Territory of the Pamir mountains. Over the centuries, the Pamirs have inspired the world’s greatest explorers with Marco Polo, Hsuan Tsang, and Mirza Muhammad Haidar. And now it is your chance to see it for yourself. We will drive you along the natural borders of the Pyanj River. Having visited the Pamirs, many travelers called this giant mountain system the ocean of white and blue mountains. This night you will spend in a homestay to see the way of local people’s life. Accommodation in Home Stay. Meals: full board.

Kalaikhum – Khorog (240 km, 6 h)

Breakfast. In the morning we will drive to Khorog town. It is perhaps one of the tiniest cities in the world. It is surrounded by Rocky Mountains from all four sides. The town was built on the confluence of the 3 rivers where Shokhdara River and Ghund River flow into Pyanj River. On the way to Khorog you will meet Pamirian people. A number of anthropological features set the Pamir people apart from the Tajik people. Among the Pamirians there are high percentage of people with blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes. Pamirs Mountains are the highest mountains in the world with human population after the Himalayas in Tibet. Life in the mountains made traditions of local people different from Tajik people. Dinner is in a local restaurant. Accommodation in the Lal Hotel 3*.  Meals: full board

Khorog- Garm Chashma – Ishkashim

You will start the day with a visit to the Botanic Garden and museum. After, head to the famous mineral hot spring Garm-Chashma. Depart to Ishkashim, a small town at the mouth of the Wakhan corridor, where the 19th century Great Game ended. Continue up the north side of the river with amazing views of the Pamir on your left and the Hindu Kush on the ride sides; a number of peaks in view are above 6,000 m. Overnight at the Guesthouse.  Meals: full board

*Please be aware: the first half from Khorog to Ishkashim is a poor dirt road, the second part is paved. 6km ramp to Garm-Chashma has a rough ground.

Meals: full board

Ishkashim – Langar (115 km – 2 h)

 Drive from Ishkashim to Langar. On the way, visit KahKaha, one of the old fortresses on the Silk Road. Then, continue to the ruins of Yamchun Fortress (4-3rd centuries B.C.), sacred hot springs of Bibi Fatima Zahra, the Museum of Sufi Muborak-Kadami Vakhani, a local Sufi scholar, theologian, poet and traveler, who died in 1910. There is a stone pillar with a hole near his house that he used to calculate a solar calendar and a building with inscriptions and decorations. We will also visit Buddhist Stupa in the Guesthouse. Meals: full board

*Road conditions: All day you will drive on the paved and smooth road, only descent and ascent to the Yamchun fortress lies across a bad dirt road.

Langar – Murghab – (Burunkul & Yashikkul) (250 km – 7 h)

After breakfast we will leave the spectacular views of Afghanistan, with the ice-capped summit of the Wakhan Range, and the Pamir River, which is marking the border and crossing Khargushi pass (4344 m) and Nazay-Tash Pass (4137 m). Arrive in Murgab. Murgab is a quiet town with an only bazaar of the High Pamir region where Kyrgyz’s and Tajiks live. Visit to handicraft shop in “Yak House”. Accommodation in the Homestay. Meals: full board


*It might be difficult to fall asleep on the height of 3600meters due to the lack of oxygen and dry air.

*Road conditions: the first half of the way will be a dirt road, the second half, on the turn towards Khorog, there will be a rough sinuous paving.

Murgab – Khorog (320 km – 6 h)

In the morning we will drive to Khorog along Pamir Highway, known as M41 Pamir Tract. It is considered the second highest mountain road after highway of Tibet. The road lies over mountains and passes on the elevations of more than 4 000 meters above sea level. On the way you will drive over Koitezak pass (4 271 m). The almost inaccessible landscape and the Rocky Mountains of this corner of the world have given safe haven to a unique diversity of wildlife. Amongst the most common species of wild mammals are Turkestan rat, tiger-cat, grizzly bear, badger, stoat, fox, grey and red wolves. The Pamirs provides a large and thriving population of Marco Polo sheep, the largest sheep in the world, with all year round and a strong population of the highly endangered snow leopard. Accommodation in the Lal Home 3*. Meals: full board

Khorog – Kalaikhum (240 km -6h)

This area consists of high Rocky Mountains over 6 000 meters and only 1 road was possible to be built. Passing though the Pamirs, the tourists have the rare opportunity to not only marvel the beauty of virgin environment, but also know more about the ethnography, history and everyday life of mountain dwellers and with this imagine how the history of humanity evolved as in the story of creation. On the way we will stop in small villages to communicate with local people and to see their life. Human settlements are located on both sides of the river in narrow mountain valleys. On the other side of the river, you will see Afghan stony villages and gardens. Accommodation in the Karon Palace 4*.  Meals: full board

Kalaikhum – Kulob – Dushanbe (380 km – 6 h)

Early transfer to Kulob, outstanding views along the way. We will stop for photo shooting with amazing views. Lunch in local café of Kulob. We continue to the mausoleum of Sheikh Said- Hamadoni, dating from the first Islam period. Arrive in Dushanbe and check-in the Rumi Hotel. Meals: full board

Departure from Dushanbe

After breakfast, our driver will take you to Dushanbe International Airport for your flight. 

Price is on request

Please contact us to book your tour. The Price is upon your request. The itineraries can be adjusted individually to fit into your schedule and provide you with the best experience. Furthermore, we are happy to create tailor-made tours according to your wishes.


We hope you will have a good time during your tour. We are very excited to show you our beautiful mountainous country!

Things to take with you on this trip

Camera/spare film/memory cards

Gloves and warm hat

Sun hat, sunglasses

High factor sunscreen

Lip balm

Long sleeve T-shirt, warm clothes

Waterproof clothing in case of any rain

Personal medication/first aid kit

Insect repellent

Day carry sack / a backpack

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