E-visa to Kyrgyzstan

We are Kyrgyz Guided Tours LLC is an accredited travel company whose Invitation Letter of travelers to Kyrgyzstan is recognized to issue Kyrgyz E-Visa.

The citizens of India, Pakistani, Bangladesh, and Sri-Lanka are eligible to apply Kyrgyz E-visa along with Invitation Letter from accredited travel agency of Kyrgyz Republic.

To apply Kyrgyz E-visa means that you are no longer required to pay a visit to the nearest embassy to apply for your travel document. Instead, you can apply Kyrgyz E-visa online, and Kyrgyz Guided Tours can facilitate the process for you.

  1. Kyrgyz Guided Tours can arrange
    • - Tourist E-visa for a maximum of 60 days (single, double entries)
    • - Business E-visa for a maximum of 60 days (single, double, multi entries)
    • - Work visa for a maximum of 1 year (multi entries)
    • - Family visa for a maximum of 1 year (multi entries)
    • - Exit visa for a maximum of 10 days to leave the country
    • - Registration for the foreign citizens to stay more than 30 days
  1. What are the required documents to apply?
    • - Scanned passport copy
    • - Application photo 3x4 in jpg format
    • - Contact details
  1. What are the processing times?
    • 1. Standard processing time is 7 business days
    • 2. Rush processing time is 5 business days
    • 3. Super Rush processing is 3 business days


For more detailed information please contact us kyrgyzguidedtours@gmail.com

or +996 701799983 WhatsApp

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Direct flight Dubai – Bishkek

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Want to buy Direct flight Dubai – Bishkek? 

Ever think of living a life of a nomad in Bishkek? Do you want to explore the enchanting beauties of the places that are around the romantic Silk Road in Central Asia? Do you want to drive along the roof of the world?
Do you want to move along the rugged Fann Mountain ranges and explore the turquoise lakes in Bishkek?

As travel specialists in Bsihek, you aim to give once-in-a-lifetime experiences to valued guests.
We serve those who travel to Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan travel agency uphold meaningful partnerships with our guides, service providers, and tour operators.

Why visit Silk Roads in Bishkek?

Silk Road is one of the land routes that tie Eurasia with a line of trade. Due to this, the people from Rome and China become participants in this diplomacy. It goes down to Ferghana valley and comes to Parthia. It deals with precious stones, metals, weapons, fabrics, and clothes.
The team at Kyrgyzstan travel agency will furnish you with quality services, exdetion, and cultural exploration.


Trekking in Bishkek

Ala-Archa is one of the most well-liked spots for trekking in Bishkek. This national park offers a popular and easy respite from the city. Though explorers in Bishkek will go to the first few kilometers of the Ala-Archa valley. Apart from Ala-Archa, Alamein canyon is known locally for the hot spring sanatorium. It comes with more than a 35 km hiking track.



Can you go for horse riding tours in Bishkek?

Kyrgyzstan got learned about alpine meadows and high cliffs. It is worth going to the mountains and making a horseriding trip to Kyrgyzstan. Horseriding tour is one of my favorite adventures. When you come to the capital, you offer yourself one-day riding on the cliffs. Kyrgyzstan travel agency can arrange a horseriding experience not far from the city.



Cultural tours in Bishkek

A cultural tour in Bishkek includes horse riding, culture hiking, and yurt stays. Kyrgyzstan travel agency will organize a tour for 13 days or 12 nights for you on the Silk Road. The best time to visit Bishkek is from July to September. It is good for family holidays, and you can take kids over twelve years.

Snowboarding in Bishkek

You can plan a 15-day tour in Kyrgyzstan that leads you through alpine peaks and mountain ranges. You’ll have the chance to discover the spots of Terskey Ala-Too. The tour will initiate and end with the opportunity to find historical sights and the finest cultural spots in Kyrgyzstan.
You can spend a night in the Yurt Camp as well. In addition to snowboarding, you can also enjoy mountaineering in Bishkek. It allows you to have dinner at a local restaurant and enjoy instrumental music. By traveling with Kyrgyzstan travel agency you can get quality services at flexible pricing, special discounts, and attractive deals.

Mountain biking in Bishkek

You will enjoy riding to the Ala Archa National garden located 40 km from Bishkek. Kyrgyzstan travel agency will give you an unforgettable experience. During the tour, you’d have a chance to witness lots of wild animals like sheep and horses and the fascinating mountain range of Tian Shan.
Your guide will pick you up from the hotel early in the morning and take you to the starting point of the tour. Mountain bike riding to the Ala Archa National Park will give you an unforgettable experience.
During the tour, you’d have a chance to see lots of wild animals. You can also visit the fascinating mountain range of Tian Shan.